South African Family Practice cover art

Published: 29/01/2021

Your art can appear on the cover page of the 2022 eBook parts of the South African Family Practice!

We are inviting members and readers to submit their art – whether it is a photo of their artwork, a photograph taken or any other media. The artwork should say something about family practice, family medicine or primary care. This is an opportunity to share your experiences with your colleagues and the wider Southern African primary care community.

We would require a portrait layout, high-definition picture together with a signed ‘Copyright release from third-party owner and indemnification agreement’.

The editorial team will decide on the final selection. We may also approach you to use your art in the social media postings of the SAAFP and SAFP journal.

More Image Specifications:
JPEG: This is an image made up of pixels and is the most universal and most widely supported format across Windows and Mac platforms. Most graphics packages can save a file as a JPEG. The higher the resolution (i.e. the number of pixels) the sharper the final image.

  • +/- 20 cm height and +/- 23 cm width
  • Colour or greyscale photographic images: 350dpi
  • Line art or combination images: 350dpi
  • Image layout: Portrait that will fit into an A4 page

Submit your image and copyright form here:

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