CPD Accreditation

The HPCSA is a statutory body, established in terms of the Health Professions Act (Act no. 56 of 1974) with a mandate to protect the public, all consumers of health care services, and to provide guidance on educational, professional and ethical issues to practitioners.

The HPCSA instituted compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) for all medical practitioners, and as such all members of SAAFP has to comply in order to maintain their HPCSA registration. More information on CPD can be found on the HPCSA website.

The SAAFP is registered as an official CPD Accreditor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). We render an efficient and fast accreditation service to private CPD providers.

  • How to submit an application
  • Accreditation documentation required
  • Accreditation fees
How to submit an application
  1. Send us an email with all the required documentation to admin(at)saafp.org.
Accreditation documentation required
Only complete application forms with all the required supporting documentation will be submitted to the CPD Committee of SAAFP for approval. To learn more about the CPD Guidelines for Health Care Professionals, please download it here.

Required documentation:

1. The completed CPD 2A Form (the application form), please download it here.

2. Program or Invitation of the CPD event specifying the exact time slots for each presentation/topic.

3. Presenter(s) short CV / biography. If your application contains a published article and the article specifies the author’s affiliation clearly, a CV is not required.

4. A summary of the presentation(s) or a copy of the presentation(s) in .pdf format must be presented.

5. Questionnaire or MCQ (if applicable)

6. The signed attendance registers if the event occurred before the application date.

If you require accreditation to Level 2 (i) – Self Study, then in addition to the above requirements a copy of the CD or DVD must be submitted.

Accreditation fees

1. A service fee will be charged per accreditation number issued.
2. Click here to download 2020 CPD accreditation fees.
3. Please note that a service fee will be charged in the event that applications are withdrawn or declined.

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