PhD Pre-conference workshop – 6th of September 2024

Join us at the SAAFP Congress 2024 to enhance your research supervision skills, learn about the PhD journey, and contribute to advancing primary health care research.

Workshop Overview:

Supervising research in primary health care requires a robust approach to nurture the next generation of clinician-researchers. This pre-conference workshop, facilitated by the SAAFP Research Committee, aims to enhance supervision capacity among experienced and emerging researchers. By focusing on developing a national repository of interested PhD students and supervisors, exploring models of supervision, and strengthening the supervisee-supervisor relationship, this workshop will provide practical strategies and insights for adequate research supervision. Additionally, the workshop will serve as a Theory of Change session to establish a national cohort PhD supervision model, which could form the basis of a future funding proposal.


  • To cultivate a network of PhD students and potential supervisors.
  • To examine and implement models of research supervision to build supervision capacity.
  • To develop a Theory of Change framework for a cohort PhD supervision model, providing the foundation for a funding proposal.
  • To provide practical guidance on research supervision and capacity building within the primary health care and SAAFP research community.

Target Audience:

This workshop is intended for current and prospective PhD supervisors, experienced researchers, academic leaders, and current and prospective PhD students in family medicine and primary health care. It will also interest Masters students and graduates who wish to learn more about the PhD journey, share supervision experiences, and collaborate on the growth of PhD scholarship in Southern Africa.

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