26th Annual National Family Practitioners Congress

7 – 8 September 2024 | Protea Breakwater Lodge (UBS | UCT)

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SAAFP Congress 2024 will focus on:  “Family Medicine strengthens PHC – creating opportunities from adversity”

The following sub-themes have been identified:

  • Strengthening comprehensive primary healthcare from the perspectives of person-centred and population health for all contexts – disease surveillance, health promotion and preventative services, as well as rehabilitative and palliative care.
  • Sustainable quality improvement, to strengthening PHC, reducing risk and improving clinical outcomes.
  • The economics of PHC – optimising financial, intellectual, and social capital
  • The people of PHC: capacity building, interdisciplinarity, teamwork and resilience
  • Embracing digital solutions, health entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) to augment the provision of high-quality PHC.


  • Family Physicians in Public & Private Health Sectors
  • General Practitioners and medical interns and officers
  • Government Health Departments (national, provincial and district levels)
  • Healthcare Professionals, including nursing and health care and rehabilitation professionals
  • Registrars (specialists in training)
  • Medical Students
  • Scholars, educators, and researchers in the fields of Family Medicine, primary care and PHC


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  • Face-to-Face physical exhibition stand.
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