WONCA Member Organizations

4th May 2017

Dear colleagues


Greetings from the WONCA Secretariat in Bangkok. May I begin by asking that you circulate this letter as widely as possible within your organization – and certainly ensuring that your President, CEO and WONCA Council representative all receive a copy?

WONCA is, of course, a global organization, and all of you - as part of a WONCA Member Organization - are thus also members of WONCA. This may sound obvious, but we’re constantly surprised by the many people we meet who are unaware of their WONCA connection. Thus the first thing I ask of you is to more widely publicize your links with WONCA to all of your members, to encourage them to access the WONCA website for information and to find out more about the various regional and world conferences and the WONCA Working Parties and Special Interest Groups.

The second reason for writing is to promote the WONCA Global Jobs Portal. Many of you will host your own recruitment sites, but these will almost always be national sites. WONCA can offer a much more global reach, which is vital in these days of doctor shortages in various parts of the world whilst others have a surplus of practitioners. We now live in a global village, and people are much more likely to migrate from one country – or even continent – to another in search of enhanced career opportunities. WONCA’s Jobs Portal affords a real opportunity to reach out globally to potential candidates. For a limited period we are also offering WONCA members the chance to advertise on the site free of charge. Further details can be accessed via the WONCA website or at https://woncarecruitment.com.

We very much want to engage more fully with our various members and Member Organizations and so we will be writing from time to time with further ideas and prompts, but we also welcome feedback and comment from you to us.

With my best regards meantime.

Dr Garth Manning
Chief Executive Officer

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