Our Vision:

Promote optimal health for the people in Southern Africa through advocacy, support and the development of the primary health care team, and the establishment of an equitable, humane and integrated district health care system.

Our Mission:

  1. Advocate for the strengthening of primary health care and district health services.

  2. Develop and promote the science and art of family medicine through education, training, research and the dissemination of knowledge.

  3. Represent and further the interests of Family Physicians in South Africa, Africa, and other international forums.

  4. Influence the relationship between Family Physicians and Health Facilities, Public and Private Institutions, Government Authorities, Health Care Funders, the Public and the Medical Profession in general.

  5. Serve as an organizational aid to promote the interests of its members; SAMA as a whole, and the medical profession, in pursuance of the objects of SAMA.

  6. Act independently in so far as their actions do not affect the general policy of SAMA.


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